I Told YouMature

I told you,
I’m horrible.
I’m going to rip you apart, hold your heart in my hand,
Devour it, so that you can never leave.
Maybe you’ve forgotten,
but I haven’t-
I will destroy you,but I’ll love you,
every step of the way;

I am capable of so much destruction-
everything I touch crumbles into nothing,
I’m trying so hard to be what you need.
but it’s in my nature to break things,
and I’m sorry that I’m going to hurt you,
so sorry that I’ve already hurt you.

If it makes you feel better,
you still give my heart butterflies,and
I’ll still give you every part of me, I'll give you my world,
if you ask me for it, but you don’t, and you won’t,
so I won’t…

But I do want you to know,
that no one does me like you do,
that no one brings me to life like you do with a few simple words,
There is no one on this earth who can even hope to replace you,
I love you more than life itself,
I love you more than anything I've loved before,
that even if you leave, I will search for you 'til I cease to breathe,
and I'm sorry that I don’t know how to deal with that,
so forgive me please, when I hurt you-
because it’s all I’ve ever known.

The End

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