I Write For YouMature

I want to have the words  flow from my lips
and down the waterfall of my kisses
and seep into the pool of your poetic heart-

I want to fill you until you brim over
with the stories of my love,
so I write, these days I write for you.

I write my appreciation of the insanity of your sanity
on the navyblue skies of our little world
creating murals on the sands of the love in the abyss
of my mind, thoughts provoking me to write more,
forevermore for the fountain of your existence…

Seafoam thoughts on the edge my tidal wave of imagination,
seagulls of emotion squawking above our heads
and we sit on the beach of hopes and wants and needs,
talking of the seperate lives we live and the lives we wish to live,
and we sit, looking out into the ocean of possibilities,

and there I sit,watching,dreaming,

just hoping you don’t choose to yank up heartfelt anchors,
opening sails and sailing out, smoothly onto the waves
banking your future on the banks of someone else’s dreams-

(But even then, I will write,
for the rest of these beached days, I will write for you.)

The End

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