If I Am HonestMature

Sometimes I think I like you too much,
sometimes I think I hate you too much,
Too angry, too loving,
------------no inbetween---------
Sometimes I think I’m too devoted,too soon.

And I try to remind myself,
that it hasn’t been that long,
and I try to tell myself to stay strong,
but if I’m honest:

You make me weak,
shattering my walls falling to my knees
You break my heart,
and draw the ragged edges of it's broken form in
with the words passing from your lips,
your abstract art on the hairs of my skin
gossamer love lacking touch
but touching the most important places;

Music box heart playing the symphony
of a long distance orchestra of hopes
organs pumping thoughts of futures trying not to focus
on the fact that there might not be one,

A bubble of salvation on the surface water
in a cracked clawfoot tub of sins,
climb in and wash me, my failures, my mistakes,
come,love, wash them all away with your voice
calming, wonderful, beautiful music to my ears,
a drum in my veins pounds out the rhythm of your heart,

And if I’m honest,
you keep me alive,
when living is not at the forefront of my mind-

If I’m being honest,
no matter where I go, no matter where I go,
the memory of you will soothe me
when the madness and nightmares threaten to break me,
threaten to swallow me whole.

The End

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