Shadow ScarsMature

Shadow scars thick and faint
brand my mind even though they’ve faded away
still that broken girl at heart,
you just can’t tell by looking at my arms-

Imprinted in my brain are those narrow cuts,
layered upon each other,
spilling blood,
Flitting across the movie screen of my dreams, are those cat-scratched paper-cuts,
thorn ripped skin tapered at the edges-

please, call the angels in,
let them sing me to sleep,
my eyes closed, lips parted
the wind of my soul chilling my bones,
play, demons,play in the playground of my battered body,
A hollow tree of misery carved out of all hope,

I close my eyes,
attempting to run from the red of their eyes,
shivering from the close proximity of cloying scent
of the dead,
I whimper, holding my body together in one hand,
The room twisting, turning, boxing me in,
the darkness envelopes me,

And I awaken,broken,but alive.
Emerging from the cocoon of memories
to find my shadow scars invisible,
even to me.

The End

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