I’ve been scared lately,
of just about everything:
loud bangs, motors purring, dogs barking

A cough,a sneeze,name anything,
and I’ll bet that’ll send me jumping from my skin
more than ready to leave whatever place I am,

and I can’t help but wonder,ponder,
think that maybe I’m shedding
my snake skin dreams, emerald scales scattered

amongst my fears and my confidence like gravel on an abandoned road
leaving me empty of the moving passions
I’ve always had in my possession,

that burning fire in that invisible pit of inspiration
so entices the kindling muse to attack with flaming arrows and
vibrant determination, branding my thoughts with images throughout the night.

And as much as I wish I wasn't so driven to write,
the silence of not having that motivation
scratching at my mind, digging holes in the fabric of my imagination,

is what scares me most.

The End

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