And I KnowMature

I love you.

I can't think of anyway to show you that I do,
but with my entire being,
I love you.

It’s hard to understand, I know,
but trust me, it’s even harder to explain,
there’s just this little voice in my head whispering
softly, opening my eyes to the difference
that you’ve made, from a thousand miles away-
And I love you for that.
For the fact that you are always there for me,
even when I don’t need you to be.
For the fact that you’re incredible and wonderful
and so filled with love and determination.

I want so badly to be able to transcribe my heart
into these words,
but I can't seem to,and we're struck, a bad stroke of luck,
with me stuck here and you stuck there,
a world apart, but a world created-
And I know,

The future will only be our beginning.

The End

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