Save Her?Mature

the wind screams past her ears,
strangled cries inside her head
choking on the size of her own doubt,

her eyes are saucer wide and wet with the blood rivers
streaming down her cheeks
she is awake and hidden in the devil’s keep
the shining light of savior’s past
is dull against hell’s sword,

her shaking body entrances your fear,
her tantalizing cries paralyze you with intrigue,
but will you dare to save the girl,
the girl who doesn’t want to be saved?

She knows you’re just boy,more of a man really,
with a heart, broken and scarred and golden,
who's lost in loving a girl who’s scared of the world,

but she needs you now, so fix her, fix her;
show her that she’s worth it,worth fighting for,
save her, if you want her still.
save her,save her, if you love her still,
because she needs you to save her from herself.

The End

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