Another collection I will be adding on to over a lengthy period of time.
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She screams the sound caught in her throat

the fear is choking her as she startles awake into another nightmare,
this one she lives by day
their hands pull her deep into the depths,
fingers sliding down, pulling apart her flesh
searching for shelter for the faithless,

Disciple, bless our pillows as we lay down our head,

her seams are coming undone button eyes staring out at the midnight
the terror rans like ice across her skin
a tag team of bittersweet futures and deadfall memories-

The cold heat sears her soul,
cutting diamonds with stone,
they won’t let her go-


Into the fires of their disappointment-
she isn’t enough to be loved,
the forgotten souls chew away at her heart and she’s gone insane,
insane from the adrenaline pumping in her veins,

can’t help the excitement of causing such hatred
in the minds of the masses
the pain never ceases

and down
she goes

Down into the haunted halls of her own memories
into the nightmare
of remembering,
and never being able to


The End

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