Things I've 'Done'Mature

a list of my accomplishments

I’ve stuck it in a watermelon
through a carved out hole
I’ve come out the other side
of a toilet paper roll.

I humped between pillows
on my sister’s bed
and left a wet spot where
she laid down her head.

a fake silicone pussy
that I bought on-line,
It looked kinda funny
but it worked just fine

I’ve fucked mouths and tits
and hands and rears
I’ve cum in eyes and hair
and noses and ears.

In ice cream and yogurt
and on sandwiches too
every girl that I know has
secretly tasted my goo.

I’ve lathered my cock up
with all kinds of lotions
and cold creams and bath gels
and cosmetic potions

So many things that
I’ve run my dick through,
Still my favorite place
to put it is in you!

The End

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