Things Change

Another one for my best friend that I lost. Again, she did not die. Look for 'I'm sorry' too.

Things have changed.

Everything that made sense,

And seemed safe,

Has been ripped out from under me.

This time my smile can't hide

Every shred of pain.


The person I took a chance on

Opened up completely to

For the first time,

In a long time

Has brough me back

To where I started

Untrusting, hurt and cautious.


I swore from the start

That I would be different

I would not lose this

Not lose someone else

But here I was pushing you away


It hurts more at night,

A room filled with memories

Once of laughter,

Idiotic Moves,

And things

No one outside the room

Was to hear.


Photos have been taken down,

Written Memories,

And Momentoes

Locked in a box

Too painful to be opened.


You avoid me,

Refuse to talk to me,

But you don't get it.

I'll give you what you want.

For as long as you want.

But in the end, if you need me,

I'll be here.

A text,

Or a phone call away

Because that's what good friends do.


There are times when I can't help

But remember all the awesome times

We've had, and memories we made.

Though at the same time,

Its hard to belive in someone who's not there.


I'll only wait so long

Before its too late

Before there will be nothing more to say

When this goes beyond repair

Of course I won't ignore you

Or not talk to you

But please understand

That my feelings will be different

That things change

Whether you want them to or not.

The End

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