My family has had a pretty rough week, and my mom and sister are having a difficult time. I wrote this poem to remind myself how miniscule one week is in the expanse of a life, and partially for them. Hope it is well recieved!

Sometimes, things don't go your way

Things aren't always right

Sometimes there is hell to pay

And you've been nothing but polite

There is good and there is bad in the world

It seems more bad than good

But it seems to me as if it is when things are in a whirl

That things are misunderstood

Little things turn to big pains

Big things turn to enormous

Problems that seemed so tiny and mundane

Become stressfully important

Its when these things occur

That good people stand out

They might be wondering "why me, this is so absurd"

They might cry and pout

But they move on, they do not linger

They deal with it, in the ways they can

They treat it like a prick in the finger

Instead of a slice on their hand

It is important, in these cases

To take a step back and remember

That life isn't a dream card game, all aces

It comes with times unfortunate and somber

This is one thing in the expanse of your whole life

Not the end of your universe

There is poverty out there, there is strife

This thing that happened is not a curse

It will get better, somehow, someday

And you will eventually move on

It might not be 2:00 next week on Monday

But the important thing is to stay strong

The End

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