They Watch Through Glass

A poem about how we all enjoy the terror we seen on our televisions, how when there's an accident on a road, traffic slows to watch. why?


Look at how the public stare

How they watch that screen.

But is it because they really care?

Or because it dulls their pain?


They all watch ‘till the last,

No matter what it means,

They’re looking through glass,

A world full of screens.


For them it’s all a big freak show,

See them prod and poke.

But for the main attraction, we know,

It isn’t much of a joke.


We all watch with time to lose,

Entranced by terror and fear.

We rejoice to good news,

But when bad, we are not near.

 Written on the 10th December 2009... posted on on the 23rd April 2009

The End

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