They say that a lady...

They say that a lady is fragile,

Easily affected for her sensibility

Today I rode in the forest

And some arrows I shot in a deer


A lady should not be too free

The men's world and hers are quite separate

I've wielded a spear in my lifetime

And with it killed rabbits and boars


One lacks the desire to teach her

Except for most meaningless things

But I find elocution a bore

And would rather know the world than my home -

Especially since home is a prison


They say that her ways are all gentle

And she is meek, tender and mild

But I kick the dogs in my household

- when no one is looking, of course -

And frequently pull Lucy's hair


Yet one thing I'll say that would please them

Is yes; we really are pretty.


I love the dark curls that like hanging

About my fair head, soft and light

I look in the mirror, admire

My chestnut brown hair and long lashes


I want to wear fine clothes on all days,

Like white gowns and capes of azure

I find myself Vanity epitomised

Since blessed with rich beauty I am

Roses could not paint a picture

Half luscious or lovely as I


So whilst most have an idea quite foolish

Of what we are: what we should be

At least they see one thing the same way

That's true, with which I'm in accord

In this respect, they don't fail

The tests which I set them when bored


But I'll lead my life how I choose to

Without slight regard for men's rules

And such diversion - I crave it!

Fear me, you who object


The End

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