They Say I'll Be Okay

They Say I'll Be Okay
Michael Joel Tjoelker
March-April, 2010

There will always be this pain
I know it will never go away
Because it's all I know, but it helps me feel
They will always speak these lies
But it's okay because I don't really care what they say
...until I'm alone

But they say I will be okay
As long as I hold my breath [for good]
And they say I will be okay
I just got to breathe beneath the waves
Beneath the waves, the ocean's waves
I just got to breathe beneath the waves

It's this terrible imagination that kills me in my dreams
A simple thought, pure in innocence, brutally murders me
The image stays fresh in my mind
It will rewind as I watch myself die numerous times
I look simple, but I think too much, and it will not stop

But I heard I will be okay
Since I can crawl across any freeway
And I heard
From the mountainside I can walk on to the clouds
on the clouds, off the cliff and on to the clouds
I can walk on the clouds

Well it seems as if in this world
From the start I was meant to lose
As I'm going down this one way street
And all I see ahead of me
is a dead end, is a dead end
I'm going way too fast [to stop]
I know I can't turn back
I stare ahead in dread
The only thing that I'm certain about is I'll be dead
I'll be dead, I'll be dead, I'll be dead

It's my mind that makes up these scenes
And sometimes I laugh, but most times I'm afraid
I see the red splattered across the wall
And the brains dripping down to the ground
The eyes, they stare...they ‘ll forever stare

But I think I will be okay
Once I hide behind these flames
And I think I will be okay
As I watch my world come apart from this wall of flames,
I've surrounded myself by these raging flames
And I'll watch my world crash down around me
Then I know I'll be okay
I'll be okay
Then I'll be okay


The End

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