They sayMature

well they say, they say alot of things
i heard it all, but they keep talking
fuck what they've heard, there goes my nerve
well i shouldn't care, they're just words

I lost it all, almost lost my mind
she won't return my calls, but it's alright
she didn't break my heart, no not this time
she took it all, but i still got my life

Well they say, they say i'm hurting bad
I heard it all, but I'm not that sad
I've already learned life isn't fair
But, it's hard to miss what was barely there

I heard her say, she loves someone else
I had to ask her to her face i said
how can you when you barely love yourself
walked away, swallowed the lies I've been fed

then she said, she said alot of things
i heard it all, but she kept talking
so when I got away, I kept on walking
It's my time to find a better ending

The End

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