They said WRITE, right!!!

This is my first posting... wasn't sure how to take off but I guess a poem about that confusion was what I needed. Hope you enjoy it, even if it's quirky and strange. I hope it inspires all to write, right.

20 years old and counting down the minutes to 21.What difference does it make. I am here now, I am there tomorrow.  And guess what, I just heard the best news. Write, 

Right, so at 2 I stood at the blue corner, looking about me wondering where the end was. So what, end here, end there...what difference does it make. Just then, I stopped and thought I gotta write, right. So,  

Write, one question here, one question there. to sum up the whole there is to be a single that tells all, what shall it be... or so'mo't'be. But, anyhow, what difference does it make. Is it to write or not to here I am, right where I begun with one thought, write, right. cause that's all it is... that's all that can be done. Write... Right.

The End

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