they don't understand...Mature

thoughts and views from someone other, not personal experience, first piece of work just a try :)

They call me psychotic, they call me mad.

They say I’m depressed, that I need help.

They say that I’m dark, always thinking negative.

They don’t understand...


They call me suicidal, telling me it’s not worth it.

They see the cuts, call me an Emo.

They ask why I don’t speak, I can’t answer.

They don’t understand...


They start to make to fun of me, names and abuse,

I’m used to it I get it anyway.

The teachers, they know something’s wrong but they won’t ask.

They say that I am poor, always in the same clothes.

They don’t understand...


I learn to smile to hide the pain, people notice the change.

They think I am happy, but they only see my mask.

They don’t see me for whom I am, they don’t know why I was always an introvert.

They don’t understand...


I start to stay at school for longer after school; I don’t want to go home.

People call me nerdy, they call me teacher’s pet, they don’t know...

I hold secrets, my life is a secret, I can’t tell.

They don’t understand...


They don’t understand that when I get home, I am shouted at and abused,

They don’t understand that I have to look after my sister and my mum,

They don’t understand that I can’t go for help, because he would kill them,

Kill the ones I loved

They don’t understand...

A girl; a new friend, she lives down my road, she wants to come round, and I hope that he isn’t in.


 We go to my door, we hear the screams from inside, she runs off I assume to get help.

I storm in, see him there, the world turns red I have had enough.

I protect my mum, I protect my sister, and he’s lying there unconscious.

Time passes I’m still there, police enter they try to help.

They don’t understand...


He is gone for good, no more trouble, no more beatings no more abuse.

He is gone; we are free, news spread around the school.

They know what happened and why I was down, but still...

... They don’t understand...

The End

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