They Don't Know Me. . .

They know my name,-
and they know my style.
They think I'm the same-

But they don't know me...

They know what I like.
And they know all the while-
or so they think-

But they don't know me...

They think I'm down
In every way lost
"I could be kicked around"-

But I'm not the same...

All these years-
swallowed by the cost.
Drenched in tears-

But I have changed.

I used to lose hope-
at the first sign of failure.
A downhill slope...

They used to know me...

Until I met God
He helped me mature-
Now He's my rod-

They sure don't know me...

Not the least bit-
At least-not anymore.
I can take any hit-

Let the storm worsen.

Without walking in the room-
Only their foot in the door-
They like to assume-

But I'm not the same person-

...And they don't know me.

The End

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