They Don't

A poem about what humans to do animals, and what they don't do back

They don't set traps to capture you

They don't flaunt around in your skin and call it fashion

They don't eat your young and consider it a delicacy

They don't cut your feet off and use them as wastepaper baskets

They don't trap you in giant nets for you to strangle yourself in

They don't hunt you for fun or for food

They don't stick you with needles, take your organs or burn you

They don't destroy your house

They don't tie you to poles and leave you to starve

They don't brand you with numbers

They don't cut of your limbs and toss you back in the water

They don't round you up to be slaughtered

They don't force you to fight each other for game

They don't kill you to make a movie seem more realistic

They don't skin you alive to make handbags and wallets

They don't whip you so you will preform a trick

They don't use an electric prod on you so that you stay in line

They don't hit you with cars

They don't starve you

They don't use a harpoon, cross bow or gun to get you

They don't kill you because you hurt another person

They don't beat you because they were having a bad day

They don't use you to seek out potential landmines

They don't boil you alive and charge 45$ for a dinner

They don't shoot you because you seem threatening

They don't set traps baited with food to get rid of you

They don't exterminate your kind because you tend to be a little bit more vicious then the others

They don't wave a red flag for you to charge at and then shoot you at the end

They don't put you in a microwave just to see what would happen

They don't do any of these things to us. So why do we do it to them?

The End

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