they call us killers

honey, they call us killers;
mouth along your slippery skin.
the sweat tastes like wine
on a summer's night; fine
as our lifeforces deep within.
thread glides along your enamels;
sliding in and out of your gums.
blood laces through
the fleshy pink hue
and you smile without feeling (you're numb).

honey, they call us killers;
press fingers into your bones.
they creak and fold
under palming mold,
turning trembling gold in tones.
water skips and runs along your skin;
a water-slide i ride low.
a helter-skelter
on which i swelter
and scream and cry and crow.

honey, they call us killers;
hot breaths collide like stars.
your every curve is a galaxy's edge,
your every line a universal wedge
of skin i breath and mar.
crescent-cut nails scatter the floor
falling one by one.
a metallic flash
and a loud crash
of the moon falling into the sun.

honey, they call us killers;
and darling, so what if we are?
if all we murder
are love's petty girders
aren't we and lust on par?

The End

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