They Call Me Baby Squatch...Mature

A list of ridiculous nicknames I've accumulated over the years. It's fun to tease one's self and make light of things that are truly funny! It is ok to laugh!

They call me...
 Snicker Keeper
  Yarn Junkie
    Peppy Pen
     Jack in the Box
      Pattern Maker
       Care to the Bear
        Dr. Pepper Nazi
         Fumble Bumble
          Happy Hooker
           Yo Wanna Mama
            Hoppy Hat
             Toy Lady
              Hefty Lefty
               Crazy Craft
                Wordie Birdie
                 Miss Laughs a Lot
                  Beach Baby
                   Stitch Bitch

and most recently..
 Baby Sasquatch. Baby Squatch, for short.

But what I call me, is:


The End

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