Theseus stands facing his mortality
The children of Athens look to their saviour
He flies the flag of black and holds the dread close
His father waits with the dawn
Eyes closed to the possibility of death
A white flag would appear at his sons survival
Unknowingly mirroring his own
Go forth son
and bring me the head of the beast

Cascades of ocean waves tear
Theseus grips the white flag
His purity woven in chance
As he is swallowed by the black clouds
He stares into the eyes of Hades
I cannot fail
for the lives of the innocent with be destroyed

Crete loomed in the shallow horizon
A figure of light admires Theseus 
as she leads his to the Labyrinth
Ariadne kisses him though he does
not share the burning desire 
In the shadows of destiny
Walk ahead and never look back

Fears of another residing are just
As the Minotaur awakes to obey instinct
A gleam of the sword thrust
into his throat where the frightened
where sentenced to their desercration
You shall feed no more
For you now join the darkness which you dwell

Escape was imminent as Theseus found the light
The athenian children rejoice for their hero
As they began to cross the sea once more
Ariadne's affection is unwanted though she doesn't know
Her future lies on the island of Naxos
Dionysus warned that she was his chosen bride
Though Theseus did not heed

Ariadne was scorned with the hatred of the Underworld
With bitter thoughts, she cursed Theseus
As the black flag flew high
Upon the forgotten white flag of redemption
Though he returned as a King of Heroes
he with greeted with tears and maudlin faces
His father Aegeus
uopn seeing the black flag
Had embraced death
as the sea embraced him

The End

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