remember me as i am

EXPLANATION (because i know there might be questions) :

I recently read this positively amazing poem call 'falling in love with an artist' and just that poem was so good man. So good. this is kind of....what happened after reading that. i know its nowhere near the stuff i usually write, but oh well. hope you guys like it anyway (:



you whose words ignited my soul,
your love still haunts my bones;
i lie awake at night,
mental pictures of what we were flickering across my ceiling.

you whose poetic mind brightened and dusted the forgotten corners of my heart,
i need you to know that this fire is coming for you-
these words will torment you and spill ink into your skin
so you will remember me always.
i am the girl from your nightmares,
daring you to lie, to paint me any way other than i am.
this fire you ignited will consume you,
sear into your flesh and brand you with the memory of what love really is,

unlike the others, me you will not immortalize with lying memories.
you will remember me as broken,
not resurrect me as the perfect poetry you breathe into being.
you will remember me as i am.

nothing more and nothing less.

The End

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