What is Love?

Has the passion gone away?

Has the love burned out?

Is it really a feeling?

Am I in doubt?

What's love anyway?

Is it a commitment?

Or is it given freely for people to play with?

People in real love seem crazy,

They seem not to care.

Yet they don't past their boundaries,

They have no guilt to bare. 

Why is this so?

Why is it not?

I don't understand,

But I won't ask you lot!

Drunkard with my words I seem to be?

Drunkard, not!  The drunkard is camaraderie.

You talk true love and waiting, it's true! 

Yet your words don't match what you seem to do.

You are impatient and crude!

You don't "Hello sir", yet say, "hey dude!"

The right things in life are hard to wait for,

But wait and yes, they'll be prizes at life's door.

I will wait for that day,

When the church is filled with great company,

When the flowers ovum meets the bee,

And I'll say come what may!

Listen to my words and thoughts as it may,

And take it to heart, tomorrow's a new day.

The End

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