These Unspoken Words.

July 24th. Our story began. August 29th. It ended.

Last night I dreamed of you

of your twinkly faded blue jeans eyes,

your blond hair and that summer sun smile,

of your nearness and how fast my heart beat. 

I've been biting back this secret

like a child hiding his own pain

that I fell for you the moment we met

when you knew nothing of me but a name. 

You glazed my heart in love.

You fed my soul with joy.

But I was too scared to admit it.

So I fenced myself in.

These unspoken words cement in my head.

These what-ifs are cramming my mind.

These should-haves are tearing me up.

If you knew I loved you like I did

on July 24th. 



The End

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