these lacerations bleed words

i'm sort of a hit-and-miss poet.
sometimes I write things.
sometimes I write good things.
and sometimes, not so much.

but I think that I live for the times
when I do get it right.
and because of that, 
I can live with the misses.

I was never supposed to be a poet.
I was always supposed to be an author.
an author who wrote stories.
or at least, that's what my mother thinks.

and that's how I started out.
but writing was too easy for me
- not the plot, but the actual writing - 
so I switched.

I wasn't a good poet,
so I took that and I wrote poetry.
I wrote rhyming poetry and short poetry
I wrote poetry with four verses and poetry that had no shape.

I wrote until I could actually write poetry.
maybe I'm not good at poetry,
and maybe I'm not good at stories,
and perhaps I should have given up on this endeavour long ago.

but I am a writer.
good or bad,
hit 0r miss,
I am a writer.

and if you take that away,
I am nothing.

The End

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