These I have loved, and lost

The muffled silence of snow-flakes descending over Sapporo City by night.
A lover's eyes, totally surrendered.
Mother's milk.
The warm spongy sanctum of the womb.
The horror of innocent orgasms.
Weeping with the cherry-blossoms by a canal in Tokyo.
Yogic inspiration, beach-side in Thailand, kissed by mosquitoes, remembering a lover's eyes, totally surrendered.

Such things I have loved, and lost,
Gladly received, gladly lost.
Shooting stars and lightning bolts.
All loves, so fleeting, they come and go.

What use to revive these dead relatives?
For behold, new loves flow by as we speak!
What use to grab a fistful of splash,
When the river runs quick, and endlessly?




The End

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