there's nothing left to break with me


it's easy to fake a smile

when you've been doing it for a while

and no one seems to

see the splinters in your eyes,

the cracks in your lips.

they tell me

that my heart will shatter,

but i've been reliably informed i don't have one.

after all, this ain't what

the said what would happen

if i chose to defer from the chosen path

but i didn't listen, i never listen,

and i inked myself all the same,

letters over bones, symbols over skin,

let it sink into my flesh and die,

turn my fingers purple-blue,

transform my shoulder blade into a masterpiece,

one needle at a time,

shove this color into my veins,

sketch beauty over birthmarks,

picture love over eyelids,

cold metal in my lips,

and hate in my ears.

there's nothing left to break with me,

left alone with my tattoos and piercings,

show my love on my body.

The End

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