(anger at the adults in my life who cannot understand that wisdom does not lie in a number.)Mature

in response to being constantly called a "silly teenager" or "dramatic girl".
my generation is not your generation, old man. if you would just listen, then maybe you would understand. but refusing to respect teenagers just means we don't feel inclined to trust you - nor should we. don't criticize a rational decision like that.

my opinion is not invalid

just because of my age - 
i'm old enough to hear
your problems and your issues,
yet i do not deserve to be 
properly heard?

shame on you.
fool me once, shame on you.
fool me twice, shame on you.
fool me thrice, and trust me,
the words do not change no
matter the amount of repetition.

talk to me about world issues.
talk to me about international milestones.
talk to me about American politics. 
talk to me about personal identities.
talk to me about social norms.
talk to me about oppressive practices. 
talk to me about feminist inclusion.
talk to me about things that matter. 

sitting on the bus reading an article on my phone
about how the Syrian civil war happened, 
an old woman sat down beside me and scoffed,
"You should get off your phone and do relevant things."
so i responded, with my voice breaking in indignation,
"I'm reading about how climate change affected Syria,
I'm reading about a civil war that cost people lives and livelihoods.
If that's not relevant, I don't know what world you're living on,
or what species you belong to, because people are people."

and she did not talk to me for the rest of the ride,
until i got off at my stop and thanked the bus driver.

do not come at me with your self-righteous shit,
i am tired of the "respect your elders" fuckery. 

why should i respect generations who do not respect me?
why should i listen to people who tell me i'm too "dramatic",
to people who only see me for my assigned sex,
who refuse to look past my age, sexuality, 
and who i am - why do you even care?

who ruined my economy?
who ruined my society?

you did, you bastards.

don't try to pin that blame on me. 

and what's more - 
you leave us without support,
cowering in the darkness of your judgement,
and yet you feel entitled to cast shadowed laughter
onto the online societies we have built?

sure, laugh at tumblr. 
laugh at our texting.

even when we're texting our friends
to please tell us a reason to stay alive,
to send us funny vines, we're having a bad day,
to give us some company, we are lonely here,
to listen to our views, we are feeling neglected,
to find a way for us to be ready for tomorrow.

sure, go ahead, laugh at tumblr
when sex-ed blogs have given me more information
than i would ever know otherwise - 
i understand that my feminism has to be 
fat, trans, racially, religiously, and otherwise inclusive,
because if not, then who's it really for?

i understand everything you have denied me
by feeling that you have a right to restrict my education - 
if you won't teach this to me, then i will go and learn it.
if you won't teach this to me, then someone else will. 
if you won't teach this to me, then i will teach someone else.

it's a cycle we have created, to make sure
we know how to get free online textbooks,
we know how to feed ourselves on a limited income,
we know how to find helplines in any country, 
we know how to respect the people around us.

all except you. 
sure, ridicule and mock my generation,
but we are doing what your peers never did - 
we are filling in your gaps, making a world for ourselves
just because you have denied us this one. 

so stop being so self-righteous,
stop pretending you were perfect.

i understand my depression. 
i understand my identity. 

no thanks to you.

guess who teaches their friends about Stonewall? me.
guess who teaches their friends about mental health? me.
guess who teaches their friends about healthy meals? me.
guess who teaches their friends about diverse books? me.
guess who teaches their friends about life skills? me.

because other people let me.
because other people taught me.
because other people saw the gaps and fixed them.

do not say we are lacking.
every generation is.
at least we're trying.

so shut up and respect your kids. 
respect your teenagers and give them some decent education. 
respect your 20-something children who you never gave a chance. 

because we understand more than you would ever try to. 
our generation's writing free textbooks about the cosmos,
even though you're still trying to feed us falsities about the moon.

we post about anxiety tips,
about how to get to sleep at night,
about how to deal with your parent's prejudices,
about how to make your mornings easier,
about how to distract yourself from your wrists,
about how to re-make old friends that you've lost,
about how to not freak out when you're triggered.

how dare you tell me that's not important.
how dare you tell me that finally learning how to 
breathe through my panic attacks isn't valuable.

you know nothing.

you don't know a thing,
and you're not even bothering to learn. 

so back the fuck up and walk out of here,
this is not your world, you do not deserve it. 

stop complaining and paste a smile on your face. 
listen while we tell you the way the world is.
we've had to do it for ages while you spat gospel at us. 
at least we're doing it right. 

we're learning that we're valuable,
and that's not a lesson you can take away.

(try to keep up. we're not going to slow down.)

The End

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