There You Stay

You know I've wanted you,
You say you've wanted me
After inflating my hopes this whole time...

Admitting we should wait nearly killed me.

It's not a goodbye.
It's not a "no"
You're still there, but my heart asks

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

Seeing what almost was, but wasn't.
Seeing what I almost had, but don't.
Seeing what was perfect... and still is.

It's torture.

But it's the lesser of two evils... cause if we had to say goodbye...

I wouldn't be saying goodbye just to you, but to everything.

You're a thorn in my side, but picking out the thorn and tossing it away,
would slowly allow my life to drain out of me.

So there you stay. To my pleasure and dismay.

The End

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