There Was A Time...

There was a time to cry.

     Endless tears of all the sorrow.

There was a time to frown.

     Closing off from this world.

There was a time to scar.

     Be lost in all the confusion.

There was a time to scream.

     For all the lies & secrets beneath.

There was a time for nothing.

     Sitting alone wishing for death.


There was these times.


But I’m going to change.

     I look back and smile.

How lost I was at times.

     For a moment I forget.

And I danced, sang and laughed.

     I saw the smiles.

And the fakeness of my expression was lost.

     I heard the music.

It filled my ears and I felt the happiness.

     To not care what they think.

Show them who I am.

     I skipped to the sounds.

Forgot what they were saying.

     I kissed the strangers.

Loving the unknown.

     The randomness filled my life.

Stress seemed to seep away.

     My tears were lost among the laughter.

Fun seemed so much easier then pain.

     I showed my colors.

Letting the black & white world disappear.

     I wore the things I said were ugly.

Seeing all the beauty.

     Doing the unexpected.

Living in the moment, and loving it.

     To lay on the grass and stare.

Seeing the stars twinkle to the love.

     Snapping photos of everything.

Looking at myself and loving me.

     I cared for the people around me.

Hate being just a lie for love.

     The weird faces that stretched across my face.

Feeling the inner appreciation of reality.

     To drink up and spazz.

Enjoying the surprise of everything.

     The sunshine upon my face.

My skin tingles with enjoyment.

     I escape the poison.

My friends being the cure.

     The words I heard mean nothing to me.

Loving the world, and loving myself.

     Seeing the rainbows in life.

The grass seems to appear greener.

     I felt the attraction to my surroundings.

Growing closer to what is loved.

     To compliment myself.

Forgetting all the insults.

     I hug my friends closer.

Loving when they know I care.

     Being happy is like a virus.

It attacks almost everyone you see.

      I can’t even stop myself.

I feel like I want to scream.

      Living in the present.

Seeing what is really around me.

     Forgetting the past.

All the things that were unforgettable.

      Seeing a future.

Filled with all the amazing surprises.

     Not caring of death.

It will come soon enough.

     Living life.

Savoring every single part.

There was a time to cry.

There was a time to frown.

There was a time to scar.

There was a time to scream.

There was a time for nothing.

There was these times.

But. I have changed.      

The End

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