There was a knight

Its a ballad...In the style of Coleridge XD

There was a knight of old, of yore

He lived to fight, to win

He loved to battle, fight and war

He’d killed most everythin’


But one curs’d day in front his eyes

He spied one vile fell beast

The beast eyed back and with greedy cries

Declared his want to feast


The knight knew that his day was nigh

He knew it was the end

He bravely yelled out loud ‘Let fly’

And I’ll tell you this my friend


He didn’t laugh he didn’t run

Nor cower like a fool

Just turned his head up to the sun

His face all calm and cool


He looked back to the evil beast

His brave blue eyes aflame

And he cried ‘If thou dost want thy feast

This beast you have to tame’


And with the loudest cry of all

One to scare a thousand men

He reared his head and charged upon

The evil beast and then


He drew his blade, he lightly steppt

He plunged it in his maw

The beast did scream as blood had wept

From his mouth down to his paw


‘Thine fancy tricks not work on me’

Fell beast then spluttered back

‘Let us battle more and then see

The instinct that you lack’


This instinct that the knight not own

Was ne’er plain to see

The beast was cry’n the beast did moan

‘No instinct, I’ll kill thee’


You see my friend the knight was wrong

There was one thing he lacked

Twas the instinct to know when life’s not long

To stop and turn your back


He didn’t turn, he didn’t run

The beast then smiled with glee

He steppt once back, looked at the sun

And charged the knight, poor he


The knight was then caught unawares

Attention was not paid

His thoughts were filled with wiles, with cares

His failure was displayed


To see him die upon that day

On him the beast then dined

I leave you hence, but have to say

Be careful of your mind!


The knight was lost in fancy thought

Of glory, pride and fame

He didn’t know that fore you fight

Thine own beast thou must tame!

The End

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