There Is Only Darkness (Part 2)Mature

The second part of the poem, this describes how eventually we learn to love once more, and keep the ghosts of those we love in our hearts

With your eyes shut and sleeping

I linger and the truth slowly rises

Barriers dissolve, I'm weak, freely weeping

It's time to stand tall, no longer telling myself lies

I can feel myself becoming stronger in the days...

Though breaking and all consuming

The blank vacuum and abyss in my soul

Inside death, beautiful flowers are blooming

I know my love has been unfolding

I smile and now it seems I recognise

The peace and innocence, resting in your eyes

I wish you happiness, wherever your heart now exists

I know you seek to guide me, in all your hope and bliss

I understand the things they told me all along

Someday I'll know the beating of my heart

I know death is never the ending of love

I can accept the light into which you depart

And I'll look into your eyes for one last time

The booming of the clock as it chimes

And death will come and go, with you as a friend

Your soul never grew cold, not even at the end

Now as the sun shines through my window

I will embrace these coming summer days

I will stand easily in the embracing glow

I will open up my soul to the warmth of the rays

The walls of my heart slowly falling

My inhibitions condemned to the sea

I will love again, but I will never forget

That you are the greater half of me

Forever I'll keep you in my heart...

The End

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