There Is Only Darkness (Part 1)Mature

It's about loss, at first denying it, then a sense of betrayal at being left behind

The chimes boomed out with a mournful tone

I could hold on to a faint idea of a dream

I left my mind to deny it, my logic to roam

I prayed to every god, that the truth

Was not what it seemed


Are you still breathing, refusing to wake

I've had enough of games, I refuse to surrender to fate

She is here, living and beautiful

Even when the lights in her eyes turn  dull


But now there is only darkness....


I know only I can face the light alone

Pale in the unrelenting glow, now that I'm alone

My fears return and once more I am a child

The howls, cracking like a whip, unfurled and wild


The pain is too real, and stings when I'm wide awake

A hunger for sorrow my pitiful existence cannot sate

I was captivated by the echoes of a loving memory

I tried to destroy what was left of your legacy


I know that I tried to tell myself comforting words

Tried to stem the flow of tears, unforgiving

But no kind whispers or deeds that I heard

Can make the ghost that haunts me living


I'm drained by the thought of existing from hereon

I wish the seasons would change, that I was gone

Because without you I know I could never belong

You held my hand, but it was worthless all along


I hear sounds, of laughter and I feel the warmth

But the future holds only horror for what's left of me

I refuse to find any solace in the coming dawn

Without you I relinquish the keys to my sanity


Beauty in the memories that still remain

As I carry the flowers, wilting to your grave

Suppressed by my dreams, My soul is crooked and stained

I knew no hope could change your fate

But I still feel no more love for you, only betrayal


If only you could breathe life into me...


The End

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