Theory of a Narcissist

In this poem I pretended to write as if I were a narcissist myself (Aka arrogent one, only thinking of themselves)

Money makes me happy, beauty sets me free, desires uncontrollable, my power is the key.

People know I'm perfect as I brag about myself, with my nose high in the air, one direction, no where else.

And I never watch for others, their pain I never feel.  I will tear them down to pieces, never wait for them to heal.

Only certain people rise up to me, I watch them trip and fall. They cry and scream, I laugh at them, why should I care at all?

I am told that I'm a monster, as cruel as one can get, but their pain is all my happiness, so I live with no regret.

Heartless, soul-less, mindless, thoughtless, all that I am called...I have no conscience anymore, so it never hurts at all.

Apologies, you're kidding me.. I'd rather fall and die...and to give you insight, I'm just living a lie.

Yes, I am arrogent, but ignorant are you.  My ways are only habits learned, that evil people do.

All my life, I've been hurt, never given a break, so to feed off all my other pain, my happines is fake.

I've lived off others pain, made them feel like crap, because jelousy has struck me and they've fallen in my trap.

I've lived like this all of my life, since no one ever cared, and from the hurt I've given people, their hurt before was shared.

I don't know why I'm like this, it's just the way I went, it's the Theory of a Narcissist, it's all you're going to get.

The End

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