Then I Met You

I have always been searching
For my reason to live
But no matter how long i thought about it
I could not solve this mystery.

I have always felt lost and confused
Like a feather in the wind
Not knowing where i was going
I felt a part of me was missing.

I have always watched the movies
And been amazed by what i saw
I have seen love so powerful
That i started to crave it myself.

I have never felt anything close
To what the characters in the movies felt
I thought true love was only a dream
That could never be reached.

I have always wished to find
Someone that i cared about
And could protect all my life
With such undying passion.

I did not find my soulmate
And i started to think it was a myth
There is no one out there
I will never feel this way about anyone.

Then i met you.

The End

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