Their Child

A poetic love story for them who are beloved..

A rose behind her ear,
And pearls around her neck.
She gracefully comes near,
Suddenly stops to an end.
A suit worn perfectly,
And a bow below his chin.
He smiles with flowing glee,
At the beautiful maiden.
Matching rings on their fingers,
The vow has been spoken,
Which cannot be broken,
A kiss to seal the promise.
A love to keep forever,
Begun under a tall tree,
With a boy who cut his knee,
And a cute girl sitting there.
Her small hands were gentle,
A wound cured by a miss,
Finished with a healing kiss.
Into her, he helplessly fell.
Parents they became next,
I am their second love.
Both of them are my first.
Their child given from above.

The End

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