Their Attempt

This is a poem

To my disillusion the bout commenced,

Sparked off by an untimely word. 

Father said what wasn't that wicked,

But Ma's short temper made it quite absurd.


From there the room was split in two, 

A corner a piece like in a  boxing match:    

Blue's roar and assertive fists,                   

Versus Red's scream and malicious scratch.


Like a bolt of lightning I was out the door,

My legs overcome by the sudden dismay. 

Indignant tears rushed down my face,           

From swollen eyes, victim to so much pain.


Soon I was back in my safest place,  

Surrounded by friends, the ones who cared,  

They understood my delicate plight,  

They dried my tears when those tempers flared.


Beforehand they had promised to be nice.      

After all it was my special day.   

We thought one day of the year was fair    

To ceasefire and have only good things to say.


In the morning I found a custom cake,  

Gleaming proudly on the kitchen table.       

Smiles all round reassured my faith,              

But a whole day of tolerance, were they able?


Screams pierced the walls like a marksman's arrow, 

Bellows shook the house with benevolent ease.       

I tried to mute the sounds with my trembling palms,     

All the while Red had been forced to her knees.


Horrific was the cry heard prior     

To the caustic smash of glass.    

But what I recall as if yesterday              

Was the sinister silence that followed.


I clutched my friend for a bit of comfort.    

Damp and sour his fluffy ears,      

From years of loyal, undivided attention,         

Absorbing countless distraught tears.


Minutes past and not a sound,    

An ending to an expected fable:                    

On the floor some glass and a pool of crimson,             

My cake still on the kitchen table.

The End

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