Cry wolf...Mature

Since i became a little person i am awere of the filth that we are.

By real experience in life , were humans pray on each other just for the cruel sake of i fucking can therefor i fucking do.

All that we touch is coated in slime. Who am i ?

I know i am not prepare to raise my sons to became men of honour that is the seldom  reason we don`t live together as a family. I could put up with the fact their father was extremely unfaithfull, but the truth is because i was rapped constantly has a child today i can`t. I won`t be near them until i am ready to look in their eyes and see my sons. And not those of who corrupted innocents.

Who am i ?

I am the one who fucks men for the fun of it. Because i am filtth. Because the person looking back in the mirror knows to much about sex for such a  young age.

Who am i ?

 A perfect whore.

And again , who am i ?

I am me, don`t judge  until you walk in my shoes.


On a diferent matter i am ready to let myself feel without question.

Who are we  all ?

Some are users , others abusers. And last but not least there are those who unfortunately who are both, these are the worst of our species, they are both victim and perpetrador.

I could finish by asking myself what have you became.

I would have to look very deep within me and quite frankly i am neither. I am for lack of a better use of word, absent in life.

The End

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