The Wrong One

Lost but found.

Follow my heart into yours. 
  You swallow me up; and leave me helpless.
I lie alone, on your cold wooden floor.
  You watch me. Just watch me.
You know You Love me, but you can't.
I want so bad to be in your arms.
  I'm stuck to this floor like glue on paper.

You wake up with my smile in your brain.
 Always there...
You wipe it away, get on with your day.
You know I'm lying there helpless...
  But you just can't help.
You try to send your love,
       slow drips of warm water, to release me.
The glue stops to stick, but not long enough to set me free.

You let go.
I lie there with closed eyes, unknowing.


Bucket after bucket of warm water rush over me.
I breathe in.
My body feels new.
My heart feels whole.
I search for you; my saviour.
I smile that smile that is forever in your brain.
I walk to your open, welcoming arms.
My body aches for yours.
I reach it. I feel you. Everything I ever wanted.


I look up to see ... a stranger.
  A lovely and famliar stranger who saved me.

You left me; but he saved me.
  He saved me.
    He saved me.
      He saved me.

The End

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