its about the things i did and how they were percieved. its also just to show how i feel about what and how i have been judged.

i still dont see the sense in the whole bit of it,
yet i live with it and always walk right beside it,
just in the name of the good lord what did i do?
that stuff should seem so absurd all the same do,
maybe i stepped on the wrong stone times back.

i shoulder the might of the blame that runs my name,
i hold the gain not in the midst of all this big shame,
why dont you just see that its got nothing to do with me?
and believe that i live true and best of all always me,
maybe i stepped on the wrong stair times back.

i roll the time that lives my life with all this turmoil,
thought sometimes fear draws me down i recoil,
is there a time i shall sit down to relax my nerves?
or its ever going to be me alone that ever serves,
maybe i stepped on the wrong toe times back.

The End

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