Ode to a Blowy Nose

Still today I remember

That late night in November

When I saw you wipe your nose

On the sleeve of your coat.


It was quite the site, you see!

And I watched respectfully

As your snot spread on the fabric.

It even slowed down the traffic.


My heart beat fast, your nose turned red

I then approached you and I said:

"I have some tissues in my pocket."

That you used to blow your snot like a rocket.


I can for sure tell anyone now

That I have finally figured out how

I fell in love with you so deeply

And how you captured my heart so completely.


Not any girl has the ability

To blow her nose so skillfully

And even give me back my tissue

Dirty with her gooieness, but it's not an issue.


I know we could get married

And even name our son Terry

Who would be taught how to wipe his nose on his sleeve

Every night, right before sleep, if you please.


Oh, Blowy Nose, how much I love you!

I'm even willing to wipe your nose for you!

So don't leave me here standing, I cry,

Please wipe your nose on my tie!

The End

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