All you need is Love


All you need is love.  That's it.  Love with a capital heart, sweetcakes.  Your education has never been important to me nor the high salary you've worked hard to attain!  It's all about you and me, so leave it all behind you.  In time, you'll thank me.  Those curvaceous hips and well curved lips have brought me to the brink of "Oh!".  Leave your kids behind.  They're 8 and 5 and will grow to be happy, and prosperous children.  Or not.

Leave it all and take nude pictures of me on a riverbank!  We can walk for hours on the riverbank and playfully rub ice cream off each others chins.

Fear not for my own meager earnings because happiness is not found in possessions but in long hugs and "It's gonna be okay."s.

I'm optimistic towards our eternal bliss.  So, fear not about the future but think only of a candle light bodega, the two us enshrined in the brandy fuelled warmth of togetherness.

I can hardly wait! 


The End

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