Part Seven

My dearest, most darling Maybelle

Oh won't you tell me if you'll be able

To fly away with me this night

Under the moon's dear blissful light?


Be mine, Maybelle Daphne Underwood

Why even your name doth stir my blood!

Swear forever to be true to me, please

Become Maybelle Daphne Rees!


I know your father looks upon my suit

As if I were naught but a small beetroot

But I have plenty of money saved

And you hold my heart enslaved!


Oh Maybelle, there will never be another

Do not, I beg you, listen to your mother!

What does she know of youth and love?

She punches my soul with her iron glove.


Your brother Tom, ignore him too

What can he have to say to you,

That is stronger than the love I bear?

If I sat down, 'twould break the chair.


Your sister Rita's wicked lies

Are like an arrow, piercing me inside.

I never said I'd marry Ruth

For tis you I love, that's the truth.


Oh Maybelle come away with me

We'll fly far, and live free

Free as the birds that swoop on the wing

And every day my heart will sing!



The End

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