Part Three

Cindy, Oh how i truly love thee,
You are to other girls, a jetpack to a car
I know i have only just met you, but can't you see?
When i masterbate to you, it's the best by far.

I browse in Greggs from 9 'til 5,
I'm the first customer in, and at close i'm the last.
The way you serve the pasties make my pants feel alive,
Even your frightened face makes my heart beat fast.

The restraining order hangs proudly on my wall,
An unofficial marriage document; our names so good together.
And the night is finally coming where we consumate it all,
I pack my bag with all the sex toys, lycra and leather.

I'm waiting now outside your home,
My wonderful, loving, unofficial wife,
I pin this poem to your garden gnome,
Then break through your window, love of my life.

The End

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