The Worried Writer

This took so long to write that I hate it. I don't know if you'll like it or not, but it sucks.

You can make me bleed or cry with a single word

And I wonder how I let you

Church bell in the busy street bursting with life

You mock them as I accept them

Break out of the trance that absorbs you


Would you hate me

Bound in silence?

Our hearts may be intertwined

Lost in violence


The time has come to see beyond the light

The tonal black consumes me in my mind

The hardest part of love is letting go

Growing colder, digging deeper gashes of my heart


You are not there to help me now

Your eyes are jaded, and cut like a knife

Yet I, in my anger, let my muse die


And so that kills me, for this is my future

Love or a life

Shame I have to choose it.


I’m not prone to anger it’s just a feeling I have

Though I’ll never be satisfied with myself

All I’ve ever known


So now as I allow my star to shine

Feel the heat inside


Time to fly

Its time to climb

Its time to fly

Time to regain what my fear gave up

Though I will never be satisfied

Transcend this idle hope

Reliving my dream.


I only hope my ideas aren’t dead.


The End

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