The World of Words

Words create the perfect world

The words create a different world for her.

She can be whoever she wants, be with whoever she wants to be with.

There are no expectations or limitations in the world of words.

The words create a solace for her.

She doesn’t need to search for anything else out there, because she has it all under her fingertips, the keys just waiting to be tapped.

The words give her comfort when nothing can.

Because she is troubled; her mind is dark, filled with shadows and unsettled.

And the words have the power to take all of that away.

Everything that is real, and painful and unfair and a barrier –

Everything that the words are not.

Everything disappears in the world of words, and for once, she feels…


That isn’t the word.

But with an infinite possibility of words she can use…

Why would she need just one?

The End

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