The world of sacred hopes

Hopes that are sacred as they hardly materialize & always remain hopes have a world of their own & fall apart for me bit by bit, pieces by pieces.

Encircling steps of success

Going from the nadir deep inside earth to the zenith up there

In the sky

Slippery steps with a skin-deep coat

Greasy coat littered with feathers

Feathers of desires and dreams

I tried to climb the stairs

Only to slide from top to bottom

Very muck like a conveyor belt

Reaching again and again

I standing on the fissure belt

Reaching again and again

To the very same point

I’d begin with


Milestones on the empty read call life

Depicting bygone years

Lost forever in vacuumed sphere

With a beginning. Without an end

No smile. No laughter

Can displace me from the belt

To a bubble on the surf of the worldly ocean

And I keep chasing the invisible rainbow

On the jelly gray sky


Success is the magical wand

Angles extend to you. Him. Her. They

Like a ray of seven plus one color light

Touching every body on this earth and away

Forgetting those dumped in the pit

In the pit of slumped hopes and drunken desires

Waiting for a hallowed spirit to descend and take them

Take me. In the arms

And take away to another world

The world of sacred hopes. Sacred desires.


The End

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