The Wonders Of Alcohol

Inspired by my Auntie's 30th birthday party ^_^

Loud music and dancing,
Happy and carefree,
Someone shouts "Who wants a drink?"
And I hear a call of "Me!"


"Ah, sure, a couple more?"

Giggling and prancing,
Like the gayest of elves,
Wincing when toes stub,
And the clatter of falling shelves.

"Ooh! I got a text!"
"Who's it from?"
Ah, now the tears have come.

From happy,
To sad,
Then angry -
Too bad.

I see reasonable people,
Making fools of themselves,
And I just laugh along,
Feeling elated myself.

And though I say,
"I won't ever drink."
I know that's a lie,
But it still makes me think -
How I hope I can hold my own,
Against a bottle of something strong,
But someone hands me one,
And declares; "Gw'on, there's nothing wrong!"

I take a sip,
And splutter,
And think "Well,"
"It's not really that bad, I'll have another."

Wake in the morning,
Grumbling and mumbling,
And others are waking too,
Groaning and stumbling.

I look at me,
And the rest of them all.
I mutter to myself;
"Oh, the wonders of alcohol."

The End

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