The woman you loved.

This tune is recommissioned,
And it hits me in the chest.
Life kicks the dust from his heels
Shoots wisdom in the head.

Mistakes shuffle through
With insecurities guarding the black side
But that love was sixty years strong.

I can’t sing from your perception,
As wrinkles crawl across your face.
Eyes so warm,

I only wish I knew you,
Love of my love.

The full moon must look like heaven
From the armchair in the lounge
Three more ancient eyes drinking it in

Whilst your spare pair forget their daughters.

Let’s get down to it.
Death is sleeping with your wife,
Whilst she’s lost her mind.

So I sit in ashes,
Whilst I watch the only person who was there first kill her mother.

At gunpoint from tears;
Threatening to stain my face.

That smile has faded from your eyes.
You’re not real.

I wish I loved you.

The End

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